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commercial gas safety certificate

Commercial Gas Safety Certificate FAQs

What is a CP42 certificate?

A CP42 is the official name for a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate. It proves that your kitchen meets regulatory standards and has been assessed successfully by a qualified gas engineer. Due to the health and safety risks associated with commercial kitchens, a CP42 is a legal requirement in the UK.

If you own a commercial kitchen that uses LPG or natural gas, a CP42 is non-negotiable. You need certification to satisfy "The Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations 1998 and 2018", which states that all commercial gas appliances must be safe to use. In doing so, you will also protect your staff, customers, and facility against fires, explosions, and gas leaks caused by faulty appliances. Although rare, don’t underestimate these dangers. NHS data shows 60 people die yearly from carbon dioxide poisoning in England and Wales. As commercial kitchens usually contain many gas appliances, carbon dioxide poisoning is a serious risk.

Do I need a CP42?

A CP42 is required for both public and private commercial kitchens that use any form of gas. This includes restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, cafes, and many more premises with commercial kitchens. As an owner or manager, you have a legal responsibility to certify your kitchen. 

If you don't, you will be breaking the law and putting your staff and customers in harm’s way. In many cases, landlords also have a responsibility to get their property certified. It can, however, depend on the circumstances. If you are unsure that you need a CP42, please consult a legal professional. 

How can I get a CP42? 

Only licensed gas engineers can provide CP42 certificates in the UK. This means your gas engineer must be registered with the government's Gas Safe Register, a scheme that maintains high standards for gas work. You can check if your gas engineer is licensed by asking to see their Gas Safe ID card. 

Or you can call the Register to find out if their name is listed. The assessment involves careful inspection and testing of all your gas equipment and ventilation before your kitchen can pass. When it's complete, your certificate will be valid for 12 months. Upon expiry, you will need to renew it by getting another assessment.

Why choose us for your Commercial Gas Safety Certificate?

At BCU Plumbing, our team has vast experience installing commercial kitchens in Gravesend, Medway, Dartford, and Kent. We are a Gas Safe company that takes pride in professional and reliable work. You are welcome to read our reviews to see why we're such a trusted company in the area. If you need your CP42 certificate to get your kitchen up and running, you can give us a call at 07712 172171Our team will be delighted to discuss your needs before conducting a thorough assessment that meets all the legal requirements.

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