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It is becoming more and more common for households in the UK to have an LPG boiler installed. When your boiler breaks down, it can often be inconvenient, especially if a new boiler is required. If you need a new boiler, it is well worth thinking about whether your household would benefit from having an LPG boiler installed. If you would like some guidance and advice, please contact our LPG service department on 07712 172171

What is an LPG boiler?

LPG boilers are fueled by Liquid Petroleum Gas. LPG is a mixture of hydrocarbon gas, such as butane and propane, that forms a liquid. Liquid Petroleum Gas is stored on your property in safe bottles, meaning your house does not need to be connected to the gas mains to be supplied. LPG gas however, is extremely flammable and care needs to be taken with its transportation and storage. To ease any concerns, our LPG installers will be able to offer their specialist advice when your boiler is installed. 

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The benefits of having an LPG boiler

Getting an LPG boiler installed comes with many benefits, such as:

- LPG gas is widely available across the UK.

- It is very energy efficient- low carbon fuel.

- LPG gas can be stored in huge quantities in a small space- making the boiler suitable for all property sizes.

- LPG boilers are fully compatible with solar and other renewable technologies- further reducing your carbon footprint.

- LPG boilers are cheaper to buy and install compared to their oil counterparts.

- LPG fuel is completely sulfur free.

- Compact in size and less noisy.

- Like with an oil boiler, the three main types of boiler (combi boilers, conventional boilers and system boilers) work with LPG, meaning that the right size of LPG boiler can be found to suit your household and its requirements. 

- LPG conversion kits are also available to convert your natural gas boiler into a more efficient LPG one.

Speak to our LPG installers Kent

Our LPG installers here at BCU Plumbing are available all over the Kent area. We are fully experienced and are LPG qualified. Meaning all of our work is completed to the highest of standards. The LPG boiler installation services at BCU Plumbing can offer you all the advice you require from choosing the right LPG boiler for you, to completing the installation in your home.

Simply contact us today on 07712 172171 or by emailing our LPG service team at bcuplumbing@hotmail.com.

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