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Advantages of an LPG boiler

Thinking of installing an LPG boiler in your home this year? LPG is a great choice of fuel and comes with a range of benefits for you and your home! If you aren't convinced yet, keep reading to find out the benefits of installing an LPG boiler or speak with our qualified LPG installers across Gravesend, Medway, Dartford and West Malling by calling us on 07712 172171.

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What is LPG Fuel?

LPG is a popular source of energy, similar to natural gas but made from a different compound. It is made from propane or butane, giving it the edge over natural gas and oil. Normally, LPG comes in a gas form but, when it is stored under high pressure, it turns into a liquid. This means it is very easy to transport and use, which is one of the many benefits of LPG!

What are the advantages of LPG boilers?

Easy Transport and Secure Storage

LPG boilers offer unparalleled convenience due to the ease of transporting and storing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This versatile fuel, available in liquid form, can be securely stored in compressed tanks, often situated in the user's backyard. Such storage methods deter theft attempts, as the fuel's utilization remains exclusive to the rightful owner.

Affordability at Its Core

Choosing LPG boilers over conventional oil alternatives presents a notable economic advantage. LPG fuel typically boasts a more reasonable price tag, often maintained at a fixed rate irrespective of market demand fluctuations. This stability empowers users with predictable budgeting, ensuring they can rely on consistent pricing throughout the year.

Embracing Clean Energy

LPG boilers have emerged as eco-friendly champions, primarily due to the fuel's low sulphur content, translating to cleaner combustion. Compared to oil-fueled counterparts, LPG boilers emit substantially less carbon dioxide, marking a significant environmental benefit. The reduction amounts to a noteworthy 19% decrease compared to oil and an impressive 30% reduction compared to coal.

Ideal Solution for Off-Grid Homes

For residences disconnected from the primary gas infrastructure, LPG emerges as the ultimate solution. Functioning akin to natural gas boilers, LPG offers seamless integration with existing systems while ensuring ease of transportation and storage, making it an ideal choice for off-grid dwellings.

Unmatched Efficiency

LPG stands out as a remarkably efficient fuel source, capable of achieving efficiency levels reaching up to 90%, thereby minimizing waste to a mere 10%. This exceptional efficiency not only contributes to cost savings but also aligns with sustainable energy practices, making it a preferred option, particularly for those transitioning from oil-based heating systems.

Space-Saving and Quieter Operation

Compared to alternative fuel-burning boilers, LPG variants are characterized by their compact size and reduced operational noise. Their streamlined design not only conserves space but also ensures a quieter heating experience, enhancing overall comfort within the household. Furthermore, the option to bury the tank further eliminates bulkiness, optimizing space utilization.

Odourless and Safe

Unlike oil-based counterparts, LPG possesses minimal odour, significantly enhancing user comfort and safety. Despite its lack of detectable scent, LPG remains inherently safe for use when handled correctly, offering peace of mind to consumers.

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Maintenance Tips for LPG Boilers

Regular Servicing

Make an appointment with a licenced heating engineer to get your LPG boiler serviced annually. The engineer will check for leaks, clean and inspect various parts, and make sure the boiler is running effectively during servicing. Your boiler's lifespan can be increased and malfunctions can be avoided with routine servicing.

Keep the Area Around the Boiler Clear

Make sure there is enough room surrounding your LPG boiler to allow for good ventilation and simple maintenance access. Items that can restrict airflow or access to controls and valves shouldn't be kept close to the boiler.

Check for Leaks

Make sure to periodically check your LPG boiler's connections and any leaks that may be visible, such as rust or water puddles. Inefficiency, water damage, and safety risks can result from leaks. Make quick repairs with a skilled expert if you detect any leaks or strange smells.

Monitor Boiler Pressure

Make sure the pressure gauge on your LPG boiler stays within the acceptable range by checking it regularly. While high pressure might result in damage or safety concerns, low pressure can signal problems like air in the system or leaks of water. See your boiler's handbook or get in touch with an expert if you're not sure how to monitor or change the pressure.

Flush the System Annually

Debris and sediment can build up in the heating system over time, reducing its effectiveness. To clear out any accumulation and enhance circulation, think about cleansing the system once a year. Additionally, you can prolong the life of your boiler and avoid corrosion by flushing the system.

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